No production accounting software is more stable or sophisticated than our proprietary PSL program. Delivering uninterrupted service, PSL is the most powerful and comprehensive internet-based system available today. PSL is the only production accounting software designed with production incentives in mind, and it can track costs without sacrificing the integrity of other fields. We'll train you, modify the program to interface with your system, if needed, and guarantee a seamless transition.


  • Ability to work in multiple open windows and individual "quick screens"
  • Capacity to receive multiple purchase orders in one screen
  • Unique batch setup, complete with company code and the capacity of adding four free fields, makes PSL3 the production production incentive leader
  • Consistency throughout screens and functions makes PSL extremely user friendly and more organized
  • Exports reports to spreadsheets - complete with formatting and headers

  • Once .pdf file appears, you may choose File -> Save As... to save the file to your computer. Or, you may print the file directly from the .pdf image on your screen.

PSL Training

While Cast & Crew prides itself on the intuitive, easy-to-use nature of our software packages, there is no substitute for a comprehensive walkthrough of our premiere production accounting tool, PSL3.

Whether you’re starting a new job and will be using PSL3, or simply want to bolster your skill set for your resume, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can get you trained on PSL3 in no time flat!

We offer hands-on tutorials in our Burbank office, or visually enhanced, on-line remote sessions to allow you to “see what your instructor is seeing” from the comfort of your own office, anywhere in the world. 

For more information, or to set up a PSL3 training session, please contact:
Tel: (818) 848-0999   E-mail: