For more than 30 years, Cast & Crew has provided the Motion Picture, Television and Commercial Industries with superior payroll services. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff of payroll experts are the hallmark of Cast & Crew's payroll services department.

Every payroll situation is unique, so we compute and process payrolls based on your specific production requirements.  You’ll find that our turnaround is prompt, and that we provide invoices and reports in easy-to-read formats which can be customized to your needs. We are proud of being the first company to provide secure on-site check printing. We make and report all payroll tax deductions and employer tax contributions, and file the necessary documents at year-end.

Payroll Processing

Cast & Crew computes and processes payrolls based on information supplied by the client, specific to each production and its requirements. Clients receive payroll edit reports allowing "up-front" verification of payrolls prior to check printing.

Payroll Invoices and Reports

Cast & Crew delivers invoices and reports in easy-to-read formats that have become the industry standard. Should your production require special report formats, Cast & Crew can make adjustments to your specifications.

Cast & Crew Payroll Interface

Cast & Crew offers the PSL family of production accounting software for use in conjunction with payroll services. Payroll and fringe distribution is set up to automatically interface with the PSL system -- a valuable time-saver in updating costs and retaining payroll history.

Payroll Taxes

All payroll tax deductions and employer tax contributions are reported and paid by Cast & Crew. All necessary filings and mailings are accommodated as mandated in addition to year-end reporting and filing requests. 

For information, please contact: 

Tel: (818) 848-6022  
Fax: (818) 260-9106