Whether it’s for Theatrical, DVD, Television, Made-For-Pay, Basic Cable or New Media, we provide producers, studios and distributors residual services for it all. Our state-of-the-art automated system calculates payments according to current industry, guild and trust fund agreements, then makes the approved payments on schedule. It’s the most comprehensive residual reporting in the industry. Our integrated system also handles all of the invoices, reporting and maintenance of records. In fact, we have an entire department staffed with experts to efficiently and knowledgeably facilitate every talent residual task.

Unions Guilds & Trusts

Clients rely on Cast & Crew for their solid working relationships with industry unions, guilds and trust funds. We make sure all employees are paid in compliance with their respective collective bargaining agreements (whether basic or negotiated). All applicable unions, guilds and trust fund payments and reporting are fully accommodated.

Residual Processing

Based on information received from the client in accordance with the applicable unions and guild collective bargaining agreements, Cast & Crew calculates and determines the amount of all required residual payments due to the exhibition and sale of applicable productions in various markets. Cast & Crew prepares a corresponding schedule of residuals for each respective project either for informational purposes or for actual payment. Residual payments are then made to each entitled individual from an approved residual schedule. 

Residual Invoices and Reports

The residual invoices and reports generated by Cast & Crew are delivered in easy-to-read formats that have become the industry standard.

Maintenance of Residual Records

Cast & Crew maintains all applicable records and printouts in accordance with each client's residual service agreement.

Payroll Taxes

All payroll tax deductions and employer tax contributions are reported and paid by Cast & Crew. All necessary filings and mailings are accommodated as mandated in addition to year-end reporting and filing requests.
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