Workers’ Compensation

General Workers' Compensation Information:

We know the rules. We understand the laws. We have the dedicated personnel and expertise to handle every aspect of this complex program. Whether its general coverage for your cast and crew, or special reporting situations with water, stunts, hazardous situations or foreign travel, Cast & Crew takes charge when you need us the most, and navigates effortlessly through the red tape.  

Cast & Crew provides Workers' Compensation insurance in all required states. Should an injury occur, Cast & Crew will handle all the necessary paperwork including the claims management.

For information, please contact:

Tel: (818) 848-6022
Fax: (818) 848-4614

After hours, please contact:

Mirna Hagopian: (818) 972-3254
Dina Braun: (818) 972-3291

If An Employee Is Injured:

Life Threatening Emergency Situation: Call 9–1–1. Go to the nearest emergency room or medical facility equipped to handle emergencies. A medical emergency is generally defined as a sudden and unforeseeable injury or illness of such a nature that failure to get immediate medical care could be life threatening or include severe bleeding from any site, loss of consciousness, seizures, or severe or multiple injuries. To locate an industrial medical facility near you, search Zurich North America's on-line physician directory (when prompted, use password "zurichna", all lower case).

Report The Injury: Immediately report the injury to Cast & Crew regardless of whether the accident occurs during normal working hours, after hours or over the weekend. Please print and fill out our standard Injury Report Form and fax it to (818) 848-4614.

Non-Emergency Situations: Under California law, initial treatment of workers with job related injuries or illnesses is rendered by an employer-selected physician unless the employee properly pre-designated a "personal physician" in writing prior to the injury. If medical attention is required, contact Cast & Crew to report the injury and for a physician referral. Please print and fill out our standard Injury Report Form and fax to (818) 848-4614.

Before being treated, the employee must mention that the injury is work related and that Cast & Crew's insurance carrier is Zurich North America. The medical facility will contact Zurich North America for a policy number and an address to submit their bill and report. Providing a policy number is not an admission of liability.